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Mission Statement

 We are here to:

Help motivate individuals to achieve a higher standard for themselves both physically and mentally and to share this philosophy with all within their sphere of influence as they go out into the community.

Help others understand that any limitations they percieve can be overcome with proper desire and attitude.

It is the mission of Tiger Shark Hapkido and its related systems of the martial arts to help guide all to a path of......  NO LIMITATIONS!

Contact Us:

Master Instructor John Dowdy,

9th Degree Black Belt

341 South Main Street

Burlington, North Carolina

Second Location

Carl Robbs, Instructor

Lisa Perr-Clearwater, Instructor

 201 Pecan Street - Gaffney SC 29340


---------------------------(Upstate Boys and Girls' Club)------------------------

Contact: (336) 266/3945


Gaffney Location - GaffneyACMA@GMAIL.COM

Upcoming Seminars by Master John Dowdy:


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Knowledge before Power

Thought before Action

Wisdom before Strength----Master John Dowdy

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American College of Martial Arts